shout out to 是致敬意思吗


shout out to是致敬意思,可以理解为salute与respect。例句:shout out to my homies back in Compton。

shout out to 是致敬意思吗

shout out to相似短语

shout out to sb to do sth高声叫喊着要某人做某事

do sb out of sth欺骗

out to do sth着手做某事

do sth out of vanity出于虚荣做某事

beneath sb to do sth做某事有失于体

call on sb to do sth号召某人干某事

egg sb on to do sth鼓动, 煽动, 怂恿某人干某事

be loath to do sth for sb不愿为某人干某事

instigate sb to do sth唆使某人去做某事

worry sb to do sth缠着某人要他做某事