set off和set out的区别


set out和set off都有出发的意思,set off更含开始(旅行、赛跑等)的意思。例:what time are you planning to set off tomorrow?你明天打算几点钟启程?they've set off on a journey round the world他们已经开始环游世界。

set off和set out的区别

set off和set out的区别与用法

set off

英:[set ɒf];美:[set ɔːf]


set off的用法

(1)To give rise to;cause to occur:发生:引起;导致发生:set off a chemical reaction。发生化学反应

(2)To cause to explode:爆炸:引起爆炸:set off a bomb。炸弹爆炸

(3)To indicate as being different;distinguish:区分:指出不同;区分:

features setting him off from the crowd。使他与人群分开的特征

(4)To direct attention to by contrast;accentuate:强调:通过对比引起注意;强调:set off a passage with italics。用斜体字强调一段

(5)To start on a journey:开始旅程:set off for Europe。

set out

英:[set aʊt];美:[set aʊt]


set out的用法

1.leave on a journey or voyage启程或启航

He will set out tomorrow on his journey to Beijing.他明天动身去北京。


He set out to do a lot of things,but didn't succeed.他原打算做许多事,但都未成功。

3.plant in the ground种植

The gardener set out some tomato seedlings.这位园丁种植了些西红柿苗。


The goods are set out in the shop window.商品陈列在商店的橱窗里。

5.start to do sth.开始;着手

They set out to perform the opera tion.他们开始动手术。


He set out his ideas in simple Eng lish.他用简单的英文表达了他的想法。